Thursday, 24 December 2009

A Christmas Dream

A Christmas Dream

Crackers to you and nuts of the season
Lovely mince pies with dollops of cream on
The warming glow of ginger wine
A tree with the lovely smell of pine

A joke, a hat and a plastic gew-gaw
Some bits of holly nailed to the door
Hanging lanterns and paper chains
The ever increasing weight gains

Time to stagger off to bed
Your paper hat upon your head
Fall asleep and begin to snore
Peace on earth for evermore


Barb said...

How very clever!!! I love it.

wastedpapiers said...

Thanks for dropping by Barb.

Doctor FTSE said...

Happy New Year . . .

I liked the smells you added to Roger's post.
"Pear drops, sulphuric acid and armpits?"
That sounds like a selection of perversions that our friend CJ would accuse ME of!

The Doc

wastedpapiers said...

Happy New year Doc- sorry its taken me a few days to get back here - ice on the blogs!