Thursday, 23 August 2012

Book Cover

Collage for possible book cover for self published work online at Blurb, Magcloud or Lulu etc. Not really sure yet. Still mulling over the idea.

Room Of Curiosities

I am showing some collages at the Leicester College Of Museums (?) in September so this a response to that theme of collecting and Wunderkammer etc. More details nearer the date.

Wednesday, 22 August 2012


For the latest theme of "Fears & Phobias" at The Kollage Kit blog. We never had a bear or lion in the car but in Australia last year we found a Huntsman spider in the flap above the windscreen! Uncle John and Auntie Audrey thought this was very funny as the Huntsman is one of the least scary and not poisonous - still we kept a safe distance so Uncle John could remove it and we could return to the car.

Monday, 6 August 2012

A.1. Scrap Metal

This collage (not Adobe Photoshop)from some years ago was made for Hazel's blog where she displays all her boot sale and market finds. Now featured in an excellent new book by Martin Dawber - "Modern Vintage Illustration". A good year for me as far as books go as my work was also featured in the book "Artists' Postcards" by Jeremy Cooper earlier in February. Also on line published works at Issu and Magcloud.


O Roger thou art special As glorious as a currant bun More brightly than the morning sun Twinkling in your poet's garb Hippopotamus of fun.