Wednesday, 7 January 2009

The Beautiful Vanity Of Slag

The Beautiful Vanity Of Slag

The beautiful vanity of slag
which with noxious flu

Behind them heart, liver and kidneys
and indeed the tiny nostrils

Who gather by the briquettes
with their tiny rubbery bananas

Loose and collapsed umbrella
unfolding over party squeakers

The spiders feet and fingers
in the flared trousers

Also the frothy blob of custard
the sausages, with thin trails

Of dwarfs behind them and ofcourse
the overhead nuts and the descending

Broken tooth and brown like noodles
hair and the wooden lavatory seats

White elephant picnicking by the plughole
and the black metal balls and the nose

Which blows rustling the budgie
rustling the cheese roll as it goes by

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