Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Alphabet Of Sick Fruit

A is for apricots under the weather
B is for bananas with yellow fever
C is for cranberries with a terrible sneeze
D is for dates with a horrible wheeze
E is for elderberries with water retention
F is for figs with a fungal infection
G is for grapes with bad flakey skin
H is for rose hips that need replacing
I is for incredible jumping plum disease
J is for juniper with knobbly knees
K is for kiwi fruit with galloping scurf
L is for lychees all covered in fluff
M is for mango with in-growing pips
N is for nectarine with old dry chapped lips
O is for oranges suffering from scurvy
P is for pineapple all jumpy and nervy
Q is for quince who are feeling unwell
R is for raspberries beginning to smell
S is for satsumas full of all kinds of woes
T is for tomatoes like a clown's nose
U is for unhappy lemons left out of the L's
V is for vanilla with no sense of smell
W is for watermelon feeling se-sicky
O dear, this last bit gets a bit tricky!
X,Y and Z fruits I never have met
So that is the end of my sick alphabet

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